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Funny country

Recently, as those in Italy know well, rather a lot of people have been caught with their trousers down as a result of the clever use of phone taps.

Dodgy football dealings have been revealed, as I've already mentioned in another post, and now the unofficial prince of Italy has been shown to have been quite possibly wallowing in the mire. At present HRH is languishing in a nice cool Italian jail.

Good things these here telephone taps, one might think. They may even convince a few people to desist from shady dealings, which must be a good thing.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Well, the above would be true in a normal society, not here I fear. You see those examples of godliness and goodness, the politicos, are planning to put a bit of a brake on these devious methods. I mean it's just down right wrong that the rich and powerful should be persecuted in this heinous fashion, is it not?

If I were a policeman or a judge in Italy, I might be thinking about finding some alternative employment. Upholding the law in Italy is not at all popular.

Funny country.

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