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A Panerai Watch – A Timely Christmas Gift

A Panerai mens luxury watch

Panerai, famous for its Luminor series of luxury watches, is an Italian luxury watchmaker founded in Florence, Italy.  Panerai watches combine Italian style with legendary Swiss watch making excellence.

When Italian-American Holywood star Sylvester Stallone came to Rome to shoot a film, he took such a liking to a Panerai Luminor watch that he bought several.  One for himself and others to give to his friends as gifts.

As watch collectors know, timepieces made by companies such as Florence-based Panerai not only look fabulous and exude quality; they also make very sound investments.  The Panerai Luminor series are highly sought after timepieces which make impressive gifts.

Yes, these luxury watches may cost as much as a small car, but they are much easier to store than even the world’s smallest small car.  Unlike many cars Panerai watches are unlikely to lose much value.  Indeed, over time, these luxury watches are likely to gain value.

Christmas time is approaching and watches always make very welcome Christmas gifts.

In Italy, luxury watches are often given as gifts to sons and daughters who have recently graduated from university.  Shrewd Italian fathers know full well that aside from stylish looks, high quality watches hold their values exceptionally well.

Unlike sometimes garish Rolexes, for example, a subtle Panerai watch is not as likely to attract the wrong attention, although the wearer is likely to attract admiring glances from knowledgeable watch collectors and other aficionados.

Remember that Panerai watches caught Stallone’s eye, so one from the selection listed here may well catch yours too.

Panerai watches made in the 40s and 50s often command rich premiums today, so a Panerai watch bought now could well turn out to be a worthwhile inheritance for your children.  Or, perhaps, could help see one through those rainy days.

You may also like to note that Amazon.com often offers substantial discounts on Panerai watches.

Here’s what one Panerai customer said about his Panerai purchase on Amazon:

…..I love this watch. In-house P.9001 Movement. 3-day power reserve means you can leave it on your night stand all weekend and not have to reset on Monday morning. GMT function great for travel. The power meter is viewable through crystal on the back, which keeps the face un-cluttered. I have a few nice watches but this one turns the most heads and gets the most compliments, especially from people who know watches.

Ten Elegant Panerai Men’s Watches

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Click on the links below to see the latest prices.

A Panerai mens luxury watch
A Panerai mens luxury watch

1. Panerai Luminor Men’s M00329 Steel 1950 GMT Black Dial Watch

2. Panerai Luminor Men’s PAM 310 Chrono Black Dial Watch

3. Panerai Radiomir 8 Days Mens Watch PAM 197

4. Panerai Luminor Marina Mens Watch PAM 111

5. Panerai Luminor Men’s M00024 Submersible Black Dial Watch

6. Panerai Men’s PAM287 Radiomir Black Seal Black Dial Watch

7. Panerai Men’s FER10 Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante Chronograph Watch

8. Panerai Men’s PAMFER30 Ferrari Chronograph Flyback Black Dial Watch

9. Panerai Luminor 1950 Men’s M311 8 Days Chrono Monopulsante GMT Titani Chronograph Watch

10. Panerai Luminor Men’s PAM352 Marina Brown Dial Watch

Apparently, Panerai’s Ferrari watches while selling well upon their release, turned out to be not overly popular which is something of a surprise as they do not look at all bad. Panerai’s Ferrari watches are probably destined to become something of a rarity seeing as Panerai ceased to make them in 2010 which means they may well become sought after collectors items in time.

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