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A List of Books on Italian Design Chosen by a Designer

Italian design

If Italian design fascinates, intrigues or even inspires you, then you might like to extend your Italian design library.  The trouble is the choice of books is vast.

Well, Paolo Feroleto who writes about Italian design for Italy Chronicles has come up with a list of ten books on Italian design which are well worth investing in.

As we all know, Christmas is just around the corner, so Paolo’s list may just give you some Christmas gift inspiration too. Alternatively, why not just treat yourself?

Here is his list of ten books on Italian design every Italian design enthusiast should take a look at.

Inspiring Italian design
Inspiring Italian design

1. Short N Strong: Taste the Real Italian Corporate Identity

2. 100 Objects of Italian Design

3. Italian Interior Design

4. Stile Italiano: Twenty Years of Graphic Design in Italian Fashion

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5. Italian Design (MoMa Design)

6. Fifty Chairs That Changed the World

7. Vespa: An Illustrated History

8. Milan (Cool Shops)

9. Travel Italia!: The Golden Age of Italian Travel Posters

10. Italian Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design

Of course after having read these books, you might feel the urge to come to Italy.  Sorry about that.  Not!

Paolo Feroleto runs design company Four Design in the UK.

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