Potty Cop Copped

This is the kind of story which will probably find its way into the comical Reuters’ Oddly Enough news columns.  An Italian carabinieri policeman was recently arrested for growing cannabis plants – in his police station!  Well, he grew the dope within the apartment he occupied on carabinieri premises.  What a bright button.

Around seventeen pot plants were confiscated from the potty cop, who was no spring chicken either, at 46 years of age.  The high flying policeman in question was nabbed in Viterbo in Lazio – the same Italian region in which Rome is to be found.

A cannabis plant

A cannabis plant

More often than not, and rather unfairly, as the carabinieri police are well-trained and polite too, this Italian police force bears the brunt of more than a few Italian jokes which poke fun at them for being a little on the dopey side.  In this case, the crazy cop in question appears to have lived up to the stereotype!

Perhaps the pot cop was trying to make ends meet?   It seems his name came up in connection with investigations into drug dealing in the area.  Carabinieri policemen are not too well paid, apparently.  Or perhaps he just wanted to chill out after a hard day’s patrolling?

How someone did not notice the mini cannabis plantation before is anyone’s guess.  It is also probable that the arrested Carabinieri’s colleagues are a highly worried that they will be asked to take an obligatory drug test – just in case.

It is likely that the pot-growing cop will soon be an ex-carabinieri.

Italian readers can read more on the dopey dope growing Italian cop on Il Messagero: Viterbo, arrestato maresciallo carabinieri coltivava marijuana in caserma – Viterbo, arrested carabinieri marshal cultivated marijuana in police station.

Another Potty Story for you

If this story did not raise a little smile, then there’s always the glorious article on the angry Tuscan monks who have being praying for an evil bible stealing thief to be struck down by an attack of the runs!  Divine revenge?!

See The Guardian for a holy hoot: Tuscan monks ask God to deliver diarrhoea for basilica bible thief

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