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The New Bob Dylan – Jack Savoretti’s Singing Secret

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Singer Jack Savoretti, as you can probably guess from his surname, is part Italian. The secret to Savoretti’s success is his ability to sing like an Italian in English :)

He told Italy’s Vogue magazine in an interview that while he sings in English, he intentionally mimics the style of Italy’s singer songwriters.

Well, what he does seems to work very well and this 30 something Italo-Briton has been hailed as the new Bob Dylan – some accolade!

What does he sound like? Very good. Have a listen:

Take Me Home



Nearly 800,000 views on YouTube!

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The Sound of Milan Expo 2015?

How about making Jack Savoretti the sound of Milan’s upcoming 2015 Expo? His ‘Dreamers’ track would be quite appropriate for dreamy Italy, don’t you think?

Savoretti’s dad is from Genova, though Savoretti himself was brought up in London before moving to Lugano which is in the Italian speaking area of Switzerland and is a stone’s throw from Italy anyway.

More of Savoretti music can be found on his YouTube channel: Jack Savoretti on YouTube

At one point, Savoretti was on the point of giving up his musical endeavours. Luckily for our ears, he didn’t.

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