Photographs of Monterosso, Le Cinque Terre, Italy

At the start of June, I spent a long weekend in the company of friends and my family down in the stunningly beautiful Cinque Terre area of the Liguria coast in northern Italy. I took a few photographs of Monterosso, one of the Cinque Terre, while the rest of the group lounged around on the beach.

Knowing Italy – Le Cinque Terre

When I came to Italy well over ten years ago, I was not really aware of all that Italy had to offer. I knew of the legendary big three Italian destinations: Rome, Venice and Florence, and, purely as a result of having seen the photographs of a colleague, I was aware of the stunning beauty of the Amalfi coastline. From programmes on history, I’d found out about Pompeii. That, I’m sorry to say, was about it.

Summer Hols 2007, part 3.

Sorry about the time it took me to get round to writing about this – I got carried away on other stuff. Seeing as the weather had been holding up, towards the end of week one of our Tuscany 2007 holidays we decided to go for a day-long boat trip (35 Euros, with lunch, I […]

Summer Hols 2007, part 1.

Yes, I know it is a mite unoriginal for an Englishman to holiday in Tuscany seeing as part of the area has even earned the nickname ‘Chiantishire’ as a result of the numbers of Britons that frequent the area. But you can’t really blame them, the area is beautiful, the wine good and, on the […]

Tuscan summer and socks.

First, apologies for not having mentioned that I was off on my hols for three weeks. I did not say anything for a reason, but thinking about it now, my reason was possibly not a good enough excuse. Anyway , too late now. My summer, as you will have guessed from the title, was spent […]

Back from Genoa

We spent the weekend down in Genova. This meant other half could see her mum and dad, and soak up a few of the sun’s rays with a friend of hers. Sunbathing has never really interested me. Firstly, it burns my fairish skin, and secondly I find it downright boring. So, while other half was […]


This is Durham, a city in north eastern England which boasts a castle, university, river and a cathedral, and lots of Italian restaurants somewhat surprisingly. It was a cool and wet day when this photo was taken. I have played with the RGB colour curves to get the photo to look a little brighter as […]