How To Look Good in Italy and Attract Italian Women

Here’s a how to guide to dressing well in Italy which was inspired by a conversation with a male British Italy lover who felt under dressed when visiting Milan. This guide is primarily aimed at men, but women can also, to an extent, follow the same rules. Depending on the kind of work setting you […]

Video Report: Find Out How Italy’s Cashmere King is Beating the Crisis

Brunello Cucinelli, Italy’s king of cashmere is one Italian business owner who knows that treating employees well is very good for business, as you will discover from this video report by journalist Angelo van Schaik. As you will note from the interview, Brunello Cucinelli’s company grew by an impressive, crisis-beating, 15% in 2012. Watch the Brunello Cucinelli […]

New Fashion Portal in Florence – Europeana Fashion

Gucci and Armani are fashion industry names we are used to hearing, but come 2015 we might be learning about plenty of others, including some which date back into the past to the very origins of fashion. What is to Come? On March 1st 2012, a new fashion portal was launched in Florence. Europeana, the […]

Doll – the Haute Couture Film. On the Way to Cult Status?

A Still from the Doll film with Virginian Macari - photo by Biba Logan

What happens when a top Irish-Italian shoe designer called Paolo Borza concludes that his creative talents are somewhat limited by the amount of space offered by the average foot?

I’m sure this is the kind of question you’ve asked yourself many times before, but if, by chance, you have not, you may be interested to know that our ever-creative shoe designer Mr Borza has come up with another application of ‘haute couture’ – a film called Doll.

Optimism at Milan’s 2010 Salone del Mobile Design Fair

Brion's Tribute to Craftsmanship Installation

Once again thousands descended upon Milan for this year’s Salone del Mobile international furniture design fest. Attendance was 7% up on last year. With 56% of the 2010 Milan design show’s participants coming from beyond Italy’s borders, Il Salone Del Mobile is truly an international event.

Cashmere Fashion Made in Italy – Brunello Cucinelli

Not all capitalists are money grabbing monsters. Indeed some capitalists, such as Italian cashmere clothing producer Brunello Cucinelli, plough some of their profits back into society to make it a better place.

The Bags Under My Eyes

If you are expecting me to go on about those signs of spending far too much time sitting in front of my computer, you may be quite relieved to hear that I’m not going to regale you with a mournful tale of what lurks beneath my eyes.

Diesel Reactions

I wrote about Italian fashion wear company Diesel’s 30th anniversary promotional video recently, and I’ve been showing the video to a range of people to gauge reactions.

Diesel’s Worldwide Dirty 30 party.

I’ve written about the Italian fashion group Diesel before.

Well, it’s this company’s birthday, and to celebrate, they’ve produced a promotional video, before you go view it, be aware that it really should have an over 18 rating: