Help The Doctor’s Daughter Save an Arts Center

Would you like the help the Doctor's Daughter?

The Doctor’s Daughter, La Figlia del Dottore, is an Italian band which is attempting to raise money to help save Turin’s Atelier Teatro Fisico arts center. The Atelier Teatro Fisico needs money to refurbish its accommodation so the arts center can continue its work. It will cost between €45.000-€50.000 ($59,000-65,000,00 dollars) to carry out the works, money which […]

Book Review: Italian Ways – Tim Parks Latest Attempt to Fathom Out Italy

Tim Parks, the author the best selling book Italian Neighbors has written a new book: Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo. Being someone who, like Parks, lives in Italy and has more than a little experience of Italy’s railway system, I was curious to discover what Parks’ had to say about […]

Beware of My Dreaded Lasagne Stare

Unbeknown to me, my withering lasagne stare sent nonno – granddad – scurrying for home in Genoa. The next time round, I finished him off with asparagus. This is what I was informed by my Italian other half who recounted a recent telephone conversation with her father – nonno to our son. Apparently, when he […]

Fireworks in Italy Kill Humans and Animals

When Italy sees in the New Year, some if the nation’s population never see the new year they were celebrating.  Hundreds of Italians are injured by fireworks. Animals die in droves. This year was different though. Italy’s steps to reduce the nation’s New Year’s firework addiction appear to be having an effect. Although two people did lose […]

This Lamborghini is a Real Bird Puller!

I can 100% guarantee that if you buy this Lamborghini you will be able to pull birds – lots of them and with absolute ease too! In fact, with this incredible Lambo you’ll be able to pull more birds than you ever dreamed off – a veritable harem of them! With this amazing Lambo, the chicks really will be […]

Tensione Evolutiva by Italian Favorite Jovanotti

Tensione Evolutiva

Italian singer songwriter Jovanotti, or Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini as he bills himself these days, is something of a perennial favorite with Italians. Jovanotti’s music videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube and the video you are about to hear/see has been seen well over 600,000 times to date. Aside from having lots of fans […]

Eros Ramazzotti – Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole

This track Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole – An Angel Lying in the Sun – by Italian pop star Eros Ramazzotti is doing well in Italy’s charts at the moment. Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole is the highest placed Italian song in MTV Italy’s current Hit List Italia. Ramazzotti’s brand of pop ballads tend to […]

What Have Italy and Egypt Got in Common?

Both nations share the same assets: Brilliant people, and both suffer from the same problem: a rotten system. “Brilliant people, rotten system,” was the poignant observation of Ben Wedeman, CNN’s senior correspondent in Cairo, Egypt via Twitter. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with Wedeman’s observations so far as it applies to Italy – very […]

Burnt By the Tuscan Sun – All About Quirky Italy

Tuscan Sun

Burnt by the Tuscan Sun is a book all about life in Italy by Francesca Maggi, an author who has been living in Italy for many, many years. As you may have guessed from its title, Burnt by the Tuscan Sun takes a humorous look at the quirkier aspects of life in Italy.  Italy has more […]