News from the Sausage front

Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but there has been some movement on the banger front. Some of these ‘ere sizzlers found their way down to deepest darkest southern Italy, and went down well. Interesting. My thanks go to my sausage partner, Gaetano Salvo for his efforts on this. He has been […]

Sausage Progress

With a little bit of luck a few bags of super sausage mix should arrive in Milan today. This means that I can ask the butcher to order the pork and sausage production can commence. The prospect is mouthwatering. Once a few bangers have been made, they will be delivered to the 442 and an […]

More on the super sausage search

My sausage seeking endeavours starting to bear fruit. After having estabilshed that importing bangers from Spain would cost a arm and a leg (c. £3000=00!! eek!), as I had suspected, I headed off down an alternative route. Today, I popped into a local butchers here in Milan which is a whole five minutes on foot […]