Italian Design – Venetian styling

A Golden Venetian Mask

Any visitor to Venice can see how Venetian design has taken its inspiration from city itself; from the shapes created by the omnipresent canals, to all the bridges, light, and the colours of Venice. Venice really is a unique city.

Rubbish in Naples, Dioxin in Mozzarella, and now Toxic Wine

The ‘Made in Italy‘ brand is suffering something of a buffeting at the moment. The latest famous Italian product to come under the spotlight is that of wine. Apparently unscrupulous producers of dirt cheap Italian reds have been popping a little acid into the mix. So the next time that cheap red appears to have […]


Nope, I’m not going to waffle on about eco friendly fuels, but in my continuing micro-attempt to raise the feel-good factor for Italy in these troubled times, I’m going to have a look at an Italian brand, which, at first, for quite a few years, I did not know was Italian. Not a surprise; I […]