Tuscan Company Sells Italian Food in Australia

Crema di pecorino by Borgo de Medici

Tuscany based Italian food maker and distributor Borgo de Medici, I recently learned, has won a contract to distribute its Italian food products in Australia.  As a result, this Italian company has found that most of its business is now generated from outside Italy. In times as tough as these, it’s good to hear about […]

Cat’s Milk Mozzarella

In the southern Italian village of Rosaneto in the Basilicata region of Italy, they have cats, lots of them. Indeed, there are so many of these felines that the residents of Rosaneto didn’t know what to do with them. Until, that was, enterprising local entrepreneur, Franco Latitante, had a bright idea. Why not use cat’s milk to make mozzarella?

An Arancini Convert

Some are cone shaped, some are round, all are orange, and the recipe originated in Sicily. Arancini are often made with rice, peas, ragu, and mozzarella. They certainly sound quite appetizing, and they look it too.

Better than Nutella!

Nutella, Ferrero’s universally popular hazelnut and chocolate spread is perhaps one of the more unusual Italian products to have attained worldwide fame.

Coda di Rospo in Il Quadrifoglio

We’re pretty lucky really. There are quite a few interesting restaurants dotted around the area of Milan in which we live. Indeed, there is an excellent little restaurant literally two minutes walk from our house.

Some Mighty Tasty Looking Stuff!

Wow, there is some mighty tasty looking food appearing on Joe’s Italyville blog. If you are dieting or feeling hungry, I don’t recommend visiting it though!

Names of Herbs and Spices in Italian and English

This will be short fragrant post, which some may find useful.

Maybe you’ve just arrived in Italy, or maybe you want to cook something up while you are here. In that case you may well need to know the names of the various herbs and spices that you can find in the shops and supermarkets here.

Gastronomic weekend

I kissed goodbye to my diet last weekend. The temptations of interesting Italian food just proved too darn strong. It all started on Saturday with a trip to our local rosticceria. There I found that they were doing wild boar cooked in a Barolo sauce. I simply could not resist the temptation and ended up […]

A close shave with some sharp bread.

There is an odd story in the news here today. Apparently a lady here in Lombardy nearly came to a sticky end after eating some potentially lethal bread. What happened is that while she was chewing away she became aware of blood coming from here mouth. She thought she had broken a tooth, but the […]