Five Essential Preparations for a New Life in Italy

Italy flag

No matter how organized you are, or how many times you’ve lived abroad, you’re never fully prepared for the culture shock that hits you when you first emigrate. Even moving to a relatively familiar country like Italy will involve an initial period of helplessness and solitude as you come to terms with your life as […]

Five Most Underrated Attractions in Italy


If you’re looking for spots in Italy that are off the beaten path, it is helpful to consult with seasoned travelers. Those who have travelled to Italy before are more likely to seek out the places that might offer them a new look at a familiar place or a chance to see something they’ve not […]

Moving to Italy? Then Plan Your Finances Carefully

The thought of moving to Italy to live the Mediterranean life is too much of a temptation for some people, myself included. You buy the house, and restructure it at your leisure. You take you time over deciding when to move permanently to Italy, or you just buy a house and book the first ticket […]

Expats in Italy: The Top 3 Financial Concerns

Being an independent financial advisor who has visited many expats living in Italy, I think I can now say that all expats in Italy face more or less the same financial concerns, regardless of their nationalities, backgrounds or locations in Italy. In this post, I will run through the top 3 financial worries facing expats […]

Advice for Expats in Italy Seeking a Financial Adviser

If you are an expat in Italy and are seeking independent financial advice which complies with Italian standards, and you need advice in English, then asking questions to understand who you are about to work with and how they are regulated is essential. Any organization with which a financial adviser is working must be authorized […]

Need Market Research in Italy? Give Giovanni Cantoni a Call

If your business is thinking of entering the Italian market and wants to carry out market research in Italy before making the jump, I know someone who can help. Giovanni Cantoni has more than 20 years experience in the field of market research in Italy. Formerly Operations Director at international market research company GFK, he now […]

Meet Italy-Based Financial Planning Specialist Gareth Horsfall

Enchanting Italy

Gareth Horsfall has been living and working in Italy since 2004 where he’s been providing financial planning, tax and investment advice for expats in Italy. He also offers financial planning services to UK residents thinking of moving to Italy. Here’s more about Gareth in his own words: When I first arrived in Rome I was […]

Do Italian Lessons in the United Kingdom

Italian is one of the favorite choices of students and workers who decide to do language courses, even if Italian is not one of the most popular languages as regards its number of native speakers, there is something about the language of Italy which attracts those who want to learn another language. Italian is spoken […]

Italy Through a Lens

We’ve all heard about how beautiful Italy is some way or another, but have you ever seen it for yourself? There is the fashion capital of the world in Milan, the culture capital of the world in Rome and the art capital of the world in Florence, not to mention some of the most stunning […]