For Andy: Wimbledon – Men’s Final 2008

Just got back from the 442. Alessandro told me that he is going to show the men’s final tomorrow. The 442 will open about 15 minutes before the start of the match, which means at around 2:45ish Italian time. This is on the assumption that the match will begin at 2 pm UK time. I’m […]

442 Pub Milan – New Banner

Down at my favourite watering hole there is a curious new flag with ‘Four Four Two, Milan’ on it. Although this flag, which can been seen on Facebook, appears to be English – red cross on a white background, not the Union Jack, interestingly enough, it is the flag of Milan. I have no idea […]

Exclusive! Full English Breakfast in Milan, Italy!

Yes, it’s finally here! As you can see from the (not wonderful) camera phone shot I took this very evening, the full English breakfast down at the 442 pub here in wet old Milan is about to go live! Tomorrow, from midday on, this scrumptious brekkie will be ready to be ordered and eaten. And […]

The 442 Star

Without this man and his pub, my life would be too hum drum: This is the Landlord of the 442 – decent bloke and gentleman – Alessandro. Thanks sir.

Sausage evening shots

It was busy: A photo of Chris, a regular, at the 442, with a friend called Valentina: Yours truly with Chris, although I have to admit that he looks happier to be in Valentina’s company. Can’t imagine why: The lovely Martina, just one of the charming young ladies who work at the 442. My son […]

Progress on the sausage search front

In my attempts to track down British banger for Alessandro at the 442 pub, I appear to have made some slight progress. The subject sausages have been tracked down. The foot and mouth thing in the UK means that sourcing sausages from England’s green and currently disease ridden lands is looking less and less likely, […]

The sausage saga sizzles on

As I write, two super sausage sourcers, Liz and Claire from Lingo Design, are doing their level best to ensure that good old British bangers wend their way to Milan in time for the launch of the 4-4-2s full English breakfast, theoretically in little more than one week! So, big thanks to Liz and Claire […]

Desperately seeking sausages!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find 100 good quality vacuum-packed Cumberland sausages and export them asap to the 4-4-2 pub here in Milan, Italy. This blog post will self-destruct within 15 seconds. Yep, finding English sausages has poor Alessandro down at the 4-4-2 pub banging his head against a brick […]

Touch Rugby Italy

Just to confirm that Shane Wilson, the Australian who is the Scottish National Touch Rugby team coach, is now over here. There will be a touch rugby training session tomorrow, the 11th October at 9.05pm in Via Govone, 35, Milan. Afterwards, I guess, everyone will be off down to the 4-4-2 pub! I shall be […]