How much do Italians earn?

Back on the 29th May, Epolis, one of my favourite freebie newspapers here in rainy Milan, ran an article on how much the average Italian found in his or her pay packet in 2007. I kept a copy of the newspaper because I thought a few of you might be interested in seeing this information in English, so … [Read more...]

Yes, Prime Minister

For the uninitiated, which means most of my Italian readers, Yes, Minister was a comedy (as in funny), which appeared on BBC tv in the UK for good few years. Basically, this wonderful series, which became Yes, Prime Minister ran for a good few years, and can probably be regarded as being British … [Read more...]

I Segreti di Londra – Corrado Augias

Thanks to Man of Roma, who quoted a section from Italian journalist, writer and TV presenter Corrado Augias' book describing the English, I bought a copy of Augias' book 'I Segreti di Londra' yesterday. While I've yet to really dig in to this book; I've made it to page 26 so far; what I've read has … [Read more...]


Being from the UK, I am considered by Italians to be someone from an Anglo-Saxon culture. This makes me chuckle because for me 'Anglo-Saxon' sort of conjures up images of a people clad in fur and who rally to the war cries of a queen going by the name of Boadicea. Before anyone corrects me, I know … [Read more...]