Funding Italy’s Tax Cuts

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Italy's prime minister Matteo Renzi may announce tax cuts to the tune of €10 billion. Today, Italy's RAI news channel hinted at how funding for the tax cuts may be found. Apparently, Italy's government is examining whether it could cut the nation's military spend by enough to … [Read more...]

Italians to Be Tasered in 2014

Yesterday Silvio Berlusconi seemingly got his way and the IMU property tax Berlusconi promised he would end during the February elections, was extinguished. Only the IMU is not really going to cease to exist: its simply going to change its name. Enter, in 2014, the Taser Tax. The IMU name change … [Read more...]

Italy Gets Tough On Tax Evasion

It does look as if Italy has started to get really tough on tax evasion.  When Italy's technocrat Prime Minister Mario Monti took over from Silvio Berlusconi late in 2011, he began considering ways in which to fill Italy's coffers. Monti knew Italy had to take a tougher stance on the tax evasion … [Read more...]

Tax Police in Milan Blitz

A Journalist Films the Tax Cops in Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan

There's something of an anti tax evasion blitz going on in Italy at present.  First over the Christmas vacation, tax cops descended upon the up market Dolomite ski resort of Cortina and, curiously, boosted the income of most of the businesses in the area - the same happened in Milan. Next, it was … [Read more...]