New Look!

I know the old Blog from Italy look was becoming a little confused, so I decided to give it a facelift. The new theme is based on yet another Brian Gardner theme, called Revolution only I have modified it a wee bit. I say 'yet another' because the previous Blog from Italy theme was also by Mr … [Read more...]

Ego Massaging Statistics

I stand confused. I've got Google Analytics running on this blog, and a system provided by Quantcast, but according to these systems, I don't really get many visitors per month. These hardy types view around 4,500 pages. Nothing special at all. I recently had a look at the Urchin 5 statistics … [Read more...]

Too Much Tweet!

I discovered the joys of Twitter not too long ago, and I thought it might be a fun thing to use it to blast out a barrage of news from Italy updates every evening or so. Wrong! I blasted so hard with my 'tweets', as they are called, that someone told me that all the ammunition I'd been firing off … [Read more...]