See The Spectacular Riace Bronzes

Riace Bronzes, photo by Karen Haid

Reggio Calabria is home to an extraordinary pair of 2,500-year-old, life-sized bronze statues. In Italian, they’re called “I Bronzi di Riace” or are referred to simply enough as “I Bronzi”—The Bronzes. They are, to use an Italian word, unico—unique, unparalleled, one of a kind. No, make that two of … [Read more...]

Lest Italy Forget on Liberation Day

The Allied Invasion of Italy

It's Liberation Day today here in Italy. While much is always made of the role of Italy's partisans in the liberation process during Liberation Day speeches and press coverage, little mention is made of the Allies role. Indeed, with the passing of time, Italy appears to have virtually forgotten the … [Read more...]