A Big Week For Italy

This week, Italy should discover the names of the candidates for the presidency of Italy. Sparks will then start flying. Reputedly, Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has more or less agreed on a list of names with Silvio Berlusconi and may well be able to count on the support of Berlusconi's … [Read more...]

See Majestic Venice from Above

Here's a visual delight for one's eyes - filmed from the air, it is a virtual panoramic tour of Venice in Italy and it shows this enchanting city in all its considerable glory. The tour, by non-commercial panoramic and 360° video and photography specialists, AirPano, is superb! Well, I think so … [Read more...]

My Stunning Murano Glass Detective Work

Sigma Murano Glass hooks by Simone Cenedese

I recently got an email from a reader who, while in Italy, had found an interesting Murano glass chandelier which she loved and wanted to purchase. She didn't buy the chandelier on the spot while in Venice because she wanted to check sizing. When the time came to buy the chandelier, … [Read more...]