Italy’s 2015 Social Progress Ranking


The 2015 Social Progress Imperative (SPI) Social Progress Index report is out and below you will find the figures for Italy, the UK, and Germany. While other systems measure and compare economic performance, the Social Progress Imperative's index attempts to gauge the social well-being or … [Read more...]

How to Find Postage Stamps in Italy

It's a common enough scenario: you come to Italy on holiday stroke vacation, see the sights and want to send your friends and family a few postcards to tell them what a wonderful time you are having in beautiful Italy. But that's when a minor though frustrating problem may arise - hence this how to … [Read more...]

China to Take Over Management of Rome

China to Fund Restoration

After snapping up Italian tire maker Pirelli's know-how and technology, China's shopping spree in Italy continues. Indeed, details emerged today that China is to take over the management of Italy's capital Rome. Italy's cash strapped capital is to hand over the administration of the eternal city … [Read more...]