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Zucchero – Il Volo

This is a nice melodic track by Italian singer Zucchero.  It’s called ‘Il Volo’ – The Flight.  YouTube recommended it to me, and so I thought you might like to have a listen.

Most Italian music is quite melodic, and it would probably be true to say that Italians in general like their music to have a strong melody.

Il Volo is indeed a gentle melodic ballad, but not at all bad.  See what you think:

Il Volo by Italian Singer Zucchero

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Il Volo was popular here and came out in 1995.  Here you will find the lyrics, in Italian.

Il Volo is on Zucchero’s All the Best greatest hits album, the mp3 version of which is here: All The Best If you wish, you can just purchase the Il Volo track.

Zucchero’s music can also be found on iTunes.

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