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X Factor: Andrea Faustini – the Tear Inducing Italian Singing Sensation

Italian student Andrea Faustini is causing a musical stir in the United Kingdom where his dulcet tones are inducing tears and winning hearts. It sounds as if the 20 year old Italian X-Factor contestant stands a good chance of winning too. That he has a very good singing voice cannot be denied.

Faustini’s emotional rendition of I Didn’t Know My Own Strength reduced X-Factor judge Cheryl to tears and generated cheers!

Curiously, Faustini decided to enter the UK talent contest instead of plumping for something like the Voice of Italy. Why might he have chosen the UK show over an Italian equivalent? Simple really. By singing in English instead of Italian, Faustini probably knows that he’s much likely to reach a much wider audience. It is probably true to say that whereas Italian may be the language of love, English is the language of music.

Success in Italy’s relatively microscopic music scene is all well and good but by showing off his talents in the UK, Faustini stands a much greater chance of appealing to many, many more music fans.

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Here’s the voice of Faustini – keep those paper tissues handy, ladies!

Andrea Faustini: I Didn’t Know My Own Strength | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2014

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcrAMZmCAG4[/youtube]

Pretty impressive and the video has been seen well over 450,000 times. Will Faustini become a mega star? Well see!

So far, Faustini’s singing exploits haven’t garnered much, if any, attention in Italy. That may soon change, though.

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