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Wine Education On Your Wall With These Great Posters

The Color of Wine

Learn about the joys of wine with these wine education posters. They’d make great gifts for Christmas and other special occasions too.

For wine lovers, aside from being informative, these wine prints make ideal decorations – a kind of visual wine library, if you like. You could hang one or two in your kitchen for quick reference, or even in your favourite wine consumption location.

These wine education posters could also be used to grace the walls of wine bars and restaurants, as well as hotels. Customers could browse them while waiting to be seated in your eatery.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, some of these wine prints do mention Italy’s wines, as you might expect.

Italian Red Wines

Fun to hang on a wall, this poster is a good way to learn about Italian red wines and where in Italy they can be found.

italian red wines poster
Italian red wines poster

Available on Amazon.com: Here If I can find something similar on Italy’s white wines, I’ll add it.

Basic Guide to Wine Poster

For wine beginners, but not only. This wine print will help you understand your local restaurant’s wine list.

Basic wine guide poster
Basic wine guide poster

Basic Guide to Wine poster on Amazon.com

Different Types of Wine Print

It’s a big wine world with lots to choose from. What are favourite types of wine? How many have you tried? A fun poster for budding wine buffs!


Different Types of Wine Poster

Wine Descriptors Print

A guide to lots of wine terminology to help you interpret the wine experts! After digesting this lot, you’ll end up sounding like a wine expert too.

think in italian logo dark bg 1

Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

aromatic descriptors

Can be found on Amazon.com here

Food and Wine Pairing Chart

Which wines go best with which foods? Find out with this easy to refer to chart.

wine and food pairing print

Food and Wine Pairing Chart

How to Choose Wine Print

Decisions, decisions. In the complex world of wine, choosing is not always that easy. This wine flow chart can help you become an informed wine buyer.

How to Choose Wine Print

How to Choose Wine Poster

Color of Wine Chart

Red and white wines come in a variety of different shades. You can learn all about the colors of with this print.

The Color of Wine poster

The Color of Wine Chart

There. With the help of these prints, you won’t be whining about your choice of wine anywhere near as much.

For anyone interesting in knowing more about wine, Wine Folly is well worth visiting for wine reviews and more.

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