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Why has nobody since Marx and Trotsky come up with an alternative socio-political philosophy?

This is a question I have put to myself on the odd occasion. The odd occasion that provoked this question once again was that of V-day in Italy and what appears to be an attempt to introduce a new, freer form of democracy in Italy, maybe. Grillo has stirred up a considerable furore as a result of the use of mass communication – a form of mass communcation, perhaps the last, that cannot easily be stifled.

The positive and negative effects of mass communication are very much governed by those who control it. Maybe this is something Marx and Trotsky saw coming, and this was one of the reasons why they proposed alternative forms of democracy. Or, more possibly, they just did not like the fact that the few so often dictate to the many. They must have believed that the societies in which they lived were not really functioning, and simply not representing the wishes of the masses.

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I believe that today we live in a society similar to, if not much worse, the society that provoked Marx and Trotsky into proposing alternatives. But, I have not heard of any present day equivalents of these two great thinkers. Why is this so? Is there nobody out there that can come up with a workable truely democratic model for world society? This is something I cannot believe. Someone, somewhere must have learnt something from the predominantly failed attempts to implement Marx and Trotsky’s alternatives, so why can’t anyone come up with a decent alternative?

I wish I knew. And if anyone can tell me, I’m all ears.

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