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Who Shot Stefano the Rare Italian Bear?

Stefano was a happy Italian bear who roamed the mountains and forests between Abruzzo, Lazio and Umbria. He was a well known bear – this is a known fact, seeing as he was called Stefano.

Sadly, last Sunday in the Abruzzo national park, Stefano was brutally murdered by persons unknown. Obviously the presence of Stefano the bear irked some of the locals, so they shot him. Poor bear.

The late Stefano was no ordinary bear for he was a Marsican Brown Bear or Apennine brown bear and this species of bear is rare. A little rarer now, seeing as poor Stefano came to a premature end.

Who Shot Stefano the Bear?
Who Shot Stefano the Bear?

Nobody knows for sure, but it is estimated that no more then 60 or so of Stefano’s Marsican Brown Bear relations still roam Italy’s wilds.

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After the bare-faced murder of Stefano, the Italian branch of the WWF wants Italy to do more to protect Stefano’s relations and other threatened species.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Stefano’s killers continues, though one does not know whether Italy’s CSI has a bear branch.

Goodbye Stefano. Shooting a bear that is rare is simply not fair. Why not go shoot a pear?

Whoever shot Stefano the rare Marsican Bear is an Italian rogue, so there.

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