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Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Er, guess who is the proud owner of a dSLR. Yes, me. First impressions of dSLRs? Complex beasts, but oh so powerful. They add a whole new dimension to photography. Not only can you see the results almost immediately (I say almost immediately because even the camera LCD does not really allow you to see the results) but you can ‘develop’ your own digifilm. Fabulous! A polarising filter is a must here though, otherwise the skys tend to come out a very light grey.

The top photo has not come out too well (I think the re-sizing destroyed a lot of detail – looks OK in RAW) – I’m still getting the hang of post processing RAW files, but the second one is nice ‘n sharp.

I have read about people being rather disappointed with the results produced by dSLRs and I think this is down to their not really understanding how to use what they have got.  It is very easy to take poor pictures with dSLR.  I know.  My first efforts were dire.  You do need to mess around lots to get the hang of the camera and all its settings.  But that is the beauty of digital, you can take pics to your hearts delight and not have to worry about film and development costs.  You don’t waste money on developing duds either, you just delete the things.

Yep, I’m impressed with dSLRs.  My long-standing interest in photography has been reawakened.  Thanks Di.

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