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Well, the sort of left wing parties here managed to win eleven out of thirteen regions in the recent local elections. The representatives of the left wing groups seemed to take this as an indication that the voting masses are not overly happy with the current curator of the living museum. However, the current curator, one Mr B, has not even been slightly perturbed by the poll results. You see, the Italian people are just not clever enough to understand all the good he is doing, but he explains that all will become clear over the next year. Mr B, you see, still has a nice large majority in parliament, so he can go on doing his good deeds, without worrying about little things like the results of merely regional elections.

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Silvio Berlusconi Advertises Italy

Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone for the last six months or so, you may well have heard about the latest scandal stroke pending legal trouble for Italy’s extravagant party loving lady’s man and prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Aside from legal charges which are about to be levelled at Berlusconi regarding abuse of power and aiding and abetting prostitution with minors, another charge is that Berlusconi’s antics have seriously damaged the perception of Italians and the image of Italy around the world.

There is, however, that fairly well known adage which goes, “any publicity is better than no publicity”, which you may have come across.

Confetti, canival, and children

It’s that time of year again. A time of children, and adults, in costume, and streets paved in small fragments of coloured paper. A time