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What’s Happened to Italy’s Public Sector Reforms?

Something strange has occurred – the details of Italy’s public sector reform bill cannot be found anywhere, or that’s what Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano noted yesterday.

Announcements on the contents of the public sector, or rather public administration reform bill as Italy tends to refer to it have disappeared. In theory certain reforms have been approved. There has been talk of teleworking, babysitter vouchers, mobility for local and national government workers who will be obliged to agree to transfers within 100 kilometres of where they work or live – this is not clear, the pensioning off of older workers plus a reduction in the amount of time allowed for union activities and more, much more. There’s also been talk of cutting Italy’s reams of red tape.

Well, the details of the reform appear to have evaporated into the ether. What exactly will emerge now is anyone’s guess.

Something else which does not bode too well is that Italy’s fresh faced new Public Administration minister, Marianna Madia, doesn’t appear to be too familiar with the legislative process. Not good.

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Something is supposed to turn up for Italy’s lower house of parliament to debate either today or tomorrow but it’s not clear whether anything will turn up, nor is it at all clear just what the document might contain. There are worries that the public sector reform bill, when it does eventually turn up may have been altered beyond all recognition.

Such things have never happened before, not even during Berlusconi’s reign over Italy, notes Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Once the bill does materialise, a battle royal will commence. Italy will then have to wait and see whether the bill does actually reform anything.

It’s watch this space time!

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