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My friend and Blog from Italy researcher, Gaetano Salvo wants to sell his house, so I’m going to put an on-line brochure for it here on my blog for all the web to see.

I’ve seen Gaetano’s place. It’s a sort of semi-detached style house and it is not half bad. As Italian places go, it’s pretty spacious too, at around 200 square metres (c 2,150 square feet) , and his annual running costs (service charge) are a fraction of ours at a mere 700 Euros a year. The house is in a nice quiet area called Buccinasco – which is a suburb of Milan.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

With a little luck I’ll be posting about the house, with photos, around Thursday this week. The guide price is around €650,000 – but this is negotiable. The transaction will be private, which will mean quite a saving on exhorbitant Italian real estate agent fees.

As I’ve never seen Italian real estate/property details that I’ve liked, because they are so darned brief and non-descript, the details I’ll be posting will include photos, room dimensions and finshes, plus enough information to give potential purchasers a feel for the place.

If you are thinking of buying an appartment in Italy, then you may find my ‘So, you want to buy an appartment in Italy post?‘ quite interesting.

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