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Water and Light

Not sure just where this is, but it is definitely in Italy somewhere.

It’s a glorious combination of water and light, and I suspect you will like it.  It’s very Italian too.  Although Italy has plently of mountainous landscape, it is virtually an island, surrounded, as it is on three sides by water, and that’s not to mention the famous Italian lakes of Maggiore, Garda and Como.

Feast your eyes on Jackctk’s untitled work, which I have titled! 

Water and Light by Jackctk

Water and Light by Jackctk
Across the Arno by Jackctk

Seeing as I do not know exactly where this is, how about trying to guess.  But don’t cheat!  I have asked the photographer where it is in Italy, but he has not let me know just yet.  I did only ask a few minutes ago! 

Leave a comment if you think you know whereabouts the photo was taken: city etc.  Thanks!

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Update: Reader Eric has kindly informed me that this image is looking south across the Arno at San Frediano in Cestello.  Thanks Eric!

With thanks to Jackctk for letting Blog from Italy use this image, which was created with a Nikon D70s.  The lens used was a Nikon 18-200mm VR.

Please go and see other examples of Jackctk’s work over on Flickr:  Jackctk on Flickr

If you’d like to hang one of Jack’s images in your living room, or send one to a friend, then maybe you would like take a look at Jack’s shop: Jackco on RedBubble.com

Now, where are you going on holiday this year?  Or in the next year or two; once this darned crisis becomes a thing of the past.

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