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Was I writing rubbish?

Well, yesterday I suggested that Prodi and co bring in the army to sort out the trashy chaos down around Naples. So, I was a little bit surprised to read today in one of the freebe newspapers – E Polis Milano, that the Italian government was thinking about doing just that. In fact it was none other than the Italian defence minister, Alberto Parisi, who decided to send in the soldiers.

Maybe someone in his office read my blog, maybe he read my blog. I doubt it. Anyway, good thinking Mr Parisi.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Now, apparently, all they’ve got to do is decide where to put all the detritus. Well, I’m sure the Germans would be happy to help out, after all, in Germany they burn trash and turn it into power. A good example of Teutonic practicality, provided that they have managed to sort out the air pollution caused by burning all that rubbish.

More predictions coming your way soon from Blog from Italy. Not. Well, possibly.

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One day, John Hooper actually started following my newsfromitaly persona on Twitter, which meant I could send him a private message. Not that I thought he would agree, but ever hopeful, I fired off a private Tweet to ask him if he’d like to do an interview, albiet via email, for BlogfromItaly.com. Much to my delight (and surprise), he kindly agreed.

Here is the result, and I hope you like the questions I posed to John Hooper, and I suspect you’ll find his responses interesting – I certainly did.


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