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Walter Veltroni – again.

Rob, over at his interesting bi-lingual blog, Wind Rose Hotel, has written a couple of posts on Veltroni, in Italian.

In the first of his posts back in June last year, Rob observed that although Veltroni is no great orator, he does appear to be an effective communicator, and is possibly good enough to counter the effects of Italy’s arch-communicator and Veltroni’s main opponent, Mr Berlusconi. And, I think what impressed Rob most with regard to what Veltroni has been saying were the vestiges of genuine sincerity which the man managed to convey.

Rob’s second post is even more optimistic, and it is my impression that Rob believes that there may be a little more to Veltroni than meets the eye. Rob’s bases his opinion on an interview Veltroni gave to the Italian newspaper il Foglio. And I have to agree that what Veltroni said does appear to be rather open and insightful for an Italian politician, old guard or not.

I really do hope that Rob’s impressions are correct, and that Veltroni has not simply been demonstrating the capacity, which all the best politicians possess, to blind the populace with carefully crafted rhetoric. Such rhetoric often turns out to be rather hollow, as after the speaker has managed to worm him or herself into power, all the magnificent promises made and ideals espoused are quietly forgotten.

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Still, hope springs eternal, and hope is one of the things that propels this blogger forward in life.

I’m starting to think that giving Veltroni a chance may not be such a bad thing after all. The only alternative is Mr B, and, let’s face it, he had his chance, but did not do much with it.

Out with the old and in with the new (ish).

(Yes, I’ve had a change of heart – and maybe, just maybe, regurgitating Veltroni may not turn out to be so bad after all. Heck, I hope so, for the sake of all the great Italians I know.)

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