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Vista fever! Not here!

Being a technology nut, I was interested to hear about the latest version of Windows, but after having heard more details, and after having become bamboozled by the myriad of different versions available, my enthusiasm has waned. In an ideal world I would use Linux or possibly Apple’s OS, but these operating systems just do not have the variety of software available that Gates’ creations boast. Although Linux does have some great software available, a lot of it does not have the polish of the Windows equivalents. This will change in time. Anyway, back to Vista. I actually saw a demo version running on PC in the window of a local FNAC shop. I say ‘running’ when in actual fact it was stuttering. The jerky movements did not really make me want to run in and upgrade on the spot, and even if I had, all those different versions would have confused me, so I would probably have gone off to check out which version would be best for me. This all means that I would not have come home with a shiny new operating system.

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Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

From what I have understood, you should only consider upgrading if you happen to have a new, high specification PC, otherwise you may have all sorts of problems with hardware drivers, lack of memory and a graphics card that will not be up to scratch. Really, I’m rather glad I got my newish laptop before Vista came along. Windows XP works fine for me and rarely falls over, unlike the previous incarnations in the Windows line. The only thing XP seems to fall down at is running games, which either run out of the box, or don’t, from my experience. I also have a Playstation 2, so PC games don’t really interest me any more.

By the time I get round to upgrading my Dell laptop, with its bouncy wi-fi, I’m sure I’ll end up with Vista, but until that moment, I’m going to stick in XP land. Vista does not really do enough that is interesting for me to try it out. The next incarnation of Windows should be much more interesting. I hope.

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