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Umbria – Italy’s Middle Earth by Drone

Ponte a Botte, Umbria, Italy

Film maker Frederick Shelbourne and Art Director Frances Von Flemming recently used a drone to capture the charm of the green and scenic Italian region of Umbria.

I found Mr Shelbourne and Ms Von Flemming’s video dramatic and highly sensual. Certainly it’s different from the usual drone footage used to show off areas wishing to attract tourists.

The image the Umbria drone footage left me with is that of area of Italy where one might well come across frightened furry footed hobbits fleeing from ugly perpetually angry orcs. This impression adds to the film’s drama and seeing as it is designed to attract people to Umbria, it will most probably work. Hobbit and orc hunters will arrive in droves, no doubt.

Setting the scene, the film begins with a phrase taken from Giosuè Carducci’s Ode al Clitumno, a classic Italian poem about a secret spot in Umbria, an area of Italy that has inspired great poets such as Lord Byron. Narrating the film, and riding a horse, is cape-clad Italian actor Filippo Scarafia.

Watching the film, aside from the lovely landscapes, you’ll probably notice a rather fascinating bridge which could well have come from Tolkien’s Middle Earth. The bridge certainly caught my eye so I asked Mr Shelbourne where it was. Watch the film and then I’ll tell you the name and location of the bridge later.

L’Umbria Guarda

L’UMBRIA GUARDA from Frederick Shelbourne on Vimeo.

Barrel Bridge

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The bridge is Ponte a Botte and can be found on the Via Flaminia after Scheggia, Mr Shelbourne told me. As far as Mr Shelbourne knows, it’s the first time this bridge has ever been caught on film.

Here’s a still of the Ponte a Botte bridge from the film:

Ponte a Botte, Umbria, Italy
Ponte a Botte, Umbria, Italy

Botte is barrel in Italian so it could be called Barrel Bridge in English, a name Tolkien might have chosen for his tales of hobbits and orcs. The diameter of the perfectly circular central section of Barrel Bridge is 22 square metres (c. 72 feet).

You can see more of Frederick Shelbourne’s film work on Vimeo here: Frederick Shelbourne on Vimeo

Drone Pilot Wanted!

By the way, Mr Shelbourne is looking for an experienced drone pilot for another film project in central Italy. If you are interested or know of someone else who might be, tweet him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/freddiejps

Well, I hope the film may have given you somewhere to add to your 2016 bucket list – Umbria! Just watch out for those grumpy orcs.

Happy Hobbit hunting! And don’t forget that cape.

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