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Two Major Arrests for Corruption in Italy

First the news broke that the former head of Italy’s public works watchdog Giuseppe Brienza had been arrested on accusations of corruption. Then, the arrest of one Marco Milanese was announced. Milanese is mixed up on the MOSE Venice barrier construction works scandal.

As if the arrest of the ex-president of a supposedly independent watchdog were not enough, Milanese, who has been mentioned on Italy Chronicles before, once acted as a consultant to none other than Berlusconi’s economy minister, Giulio Tremonti. Milanese, a former member of Italy’s parliament has been caught up in other investigations too. As part of the lasted investigation into Milanese’s role in the MOSE case, €500,000 has been seized. The money is thought to be a bribe paid to Milanese in connection with smoothing out certain red tape.

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With regard to head of Italy’s public works watchdog Giuseppe Brienza, one has always wondered just how ‘independent’ Italy’s watchdog authorities are. Not always as independent as perhaps they are made out to be, it seems.

Corruption Coming Soon?

By the way, a tip for another major corruption scandal which may well erupt in the next few weeks or so in Italy: The €8 billion Turin to Lyon TAV high speed rail line extension construction project has already caught the attention of investigators who are fairly certain the mafia has infiltrated the project. Indeed, arrests have recently been made. Businessmen have fallen under the investigative spotlight too and where the mafia and dodgy businessmen are to be found in Italy, politicians are generally not too far behind, especially when projects are worth several billions.

Watch this space.

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