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TV licence

Apparently around 6 million people do not pay any annual licence fee in Italy, meaning that something like 600 million Euros in income is lost. 

Some bright political spark has decided that one possible way to ensure that everyone pays up would be to add the licence fee to electricity bills – automatically.  This means that if you do not pay the TV fee, then your electricity gets cut off!  It’s an interesting solution.  ù

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If you happen to one of the few people who does not possess a TV, then you will have to prove that no telly can be found in your house.  I can see it now: hoards of Italians moving their TV’s to their neighbours’ houses (and vice versa) the day before an inspector shows up. 

I wonder if the Italian privacy laws will be invoked by certain people on the grounds that being forced to admit you have a telly constitutes an invasion of your privacy.

I don’t know when exactly this idea will become reality, but the results should be interesting and I suspect that all of a sudden Italy will become one of the lowest TV owning countries in the world!! …And that 600 million will become 6 billion…..

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