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Tuscany’s Mad Fiat 500

Recently on Blog from Italy’s Images of Italy series, I posted a photo of an Italian icon, the Fiat 500.  Well, here is another example of this fun little Italian classic.

That post caused Pamela Sheldon Johns’ of the lovely Agriturismo Poggio Etrusco Bed & Breakfast in Tuscany to remind me that her artist husband Johnny has a Fiat 500 too.

Pamela kindly give Blog from Italy permission to borrow a photograph of their cheeky little Fiat 500, so here it is.

Pamela Sheldon and Johnny Johns’ Perky Little Fiat 500

Johnny Johns Pazzo Fiat 500
Johnny Johns Pazzo Fiat 500

I’m sure there is an intriguing tale behind this mad little car deep in the heart of Tuscany, so hopefully either Pamela or Johnny will tell us it.

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If you would like to see the car in the flesh, you should go stay with the Johns in their corner of Tuscany. Note that their agriturismo bed and breakfast also has a lovely pool.  Just the place to cool down in during long hot Italian summers, writes he somewhat enviously as he sweats over his keyboard in torrid heat of Milan.

You will find more information on the Johns charming bed and breakfast and apartments for rental, and that pool, in this post: A Must for Wine Lovers Poggio Etrusco, Tuscany – and if you go, don’t forget to sample their organic olive oil and wine either. If you do decide to book accommodations at the Johns’ place, don’t forget to mention Blog from Italy, and you might find that you end up with a little extra holiday souvenir to help you remember that Tuscan summer.

You will also find a route to artist Johnny Johns‘ website too, if you click on the link above.

This was the previous post along with a photo of a perky little Fiat 500: Fiat’s Cinquecento, An Italian Myth

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