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Tuscan Company Sells Italian Food in Australia

Crema di pecorino by Borgo de Medici

Tuscany based Italian food maker and distributor Borgo de Medici, I recently learned, has won a contract to distribute its Italian food products in Australia.  As a result, this Italian company has found that most of its business is now generated from outside Italy.

In times as tough as these, it’s good to hear about such successes and Borgo de Medici deserves a pat on its back.  Well done Borgo de Medici!  Here are some Borgo de Medici catalogues which show the attractive range of products the company offers.

Many Italian companies have the potential to do the same as Borgo de Medici.  Indeed, they should not really have to rely on sales within Italy to keep themselves profitable.

Borgo de Medici may well end up being cited during Italian MBA courses as an example of one company which draws together many others, thus benefiting all of the members of this kind of joint venture.

Borgo de Medici - makers & distributors of fine quality Italian foods
Borgo de Medici - makers & distributors of fine quality Italian foods

Actually, I’m going to contact someone in Tuscany I know and ask whether he might like to contact Borgo de Medici and see whether the company can help distribute his excellent olive oil.  And I know of another Tuscan business whose products may well be appreciated in Australia.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Over time, Borgo de Medici could become a sort of hub for the distribution of Italian products in Australia and, eventually, elsewhere around the world.  I hope so.

Each of Italy’s twenty regions needs companies like Borgo de Medici in my not so humble opinion.

Find Borgo de Medici Italian Food in Austraila
Find Borgo de Medici Italian Food in Austraila

Borgo de Medici is being ably assisted by another Italian company – Florence based multi-media digital marketing public and media relations company, Flod.it (nice website too!).  Both companies provide employment and thus livelihoods to others.

Crema di pecorino by Borgo de Medici
Crema di pecorino by Borgo de Medici

The Flodders, so to speak, are helping Borgo de Medici raise awareness of good Italian foodstuffs in Australia, which is something I arrogantly stated needed doing in a recent gripe post about marketing Italian food products beyond Italy’s boundaries.

Both Borgo de Medici and Flod qualify as Good Italian Things.  Two more to add to the growing selection.

I like good news!

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