Italian Music: Try Fresh Cairobi’s Psychedelic Pop

Sorry, Cairobi is not some new and exotic Italian dish, instead it’s the musical evolution of VadoInMessico, a band with a multinational membership which includes two musical exiles from Italy: Giorgio Poti and Alessandro Marrosu.

Cairobi bill themselves as a melodic blend of alternative, psychedelic, and pop and their sound is distinctly fresh and original, as I hope you will agree after listening to the video of the Cairobi track Zoriade.

VadoInMessico (“I’m Off to Mexico” is a translation) transformed into Cairobi in September 2014 which means to get a flavour of what the band can do, you should perhaps check out VadoInMessico’s YouTube videos. Having said that, the musical direction Cairobi ends up taking may lead to a sound which is quite different from that of VadoInMessico. Whatever, VadoInMessico, now Cairobi shows lots of musical promise. A band to keep your ear on and to hear live too, I’d say.

Carobi sings in English. Have a listen and see what you think.

CAIROBI – Zoraide

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″][/youtube]

Both Poti and Marrosu, the Italian members of Cairobi apparently fled Italy in search of somewhere which would better appreciate their musical talents and landed in London. As Vadoinmessico played Rome, the exiles did manage to return to Italy on at least one occasion.

You can follow Cairobi’s activity on Facebook here. At some point, the band will have a website too but it’s not yet up and running.

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