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Try a Truffle Pizza!

Last night I went for a pizza with a couple of friends here in Milan.  My pizza, with sausages and red peppers, plus the usual tomatoes and mozzarella cheese was good, by their truffle pizzas were fabulous.

Truffle, tartufo, is a delicacy in Italy, but it is not found that often as a pizza topping.  Not that you could see the truffle on the pizzas ordered last night, but you sure could taste it!  The pizza in question goes by the name of ‘Tartufona‘.

Where can you find truffle pizza in Milan?  Easy – at the La Fabbrica Pizzeria which is a few steps from the Milan’s buzzing Corso Como area – see the map below.

Corso Como is easy to get to from the Garibaldi metro station stop on Milan’s green metro line.

La Fabbrica Pizzeria in Milan, Italy
La Fabbrica Pizzeria in Milan, Italy

The La Fabbrica Pizzeria, which is a popular place, is in Viale pasubio at number 2.  As an added benefit, there’s a gelateria – ice cream – shop right next door to it, so you can skip desert and pig out on a post pizza ice cream.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Here is a map to make your truffle pizza hunting even easier:

La Fabbrica Pizzeria – Viale Pasubio, 2, Milan, Italy

Click on the map and you will be taken to a larger version which you can zoom in and out of.

[googlemap lat=”45.481487″ lng=”9.185061″ align=”center” width=”500px” height=”350px” zoom=”12″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]20154 Milan, Province of Milan, Italy[/googlemap]

La Fabbrica does lots of other tasty pizzas and other food as well and is a pleasant and informal place to eat in Milan.  Prices are moderate.

While in the area, don’t miss fashionable Corso Como – it has lots of interesting places to go for a post pizza drink.

La Fabbrica’s truffle pizza qualifies as a Good Italian Thing.

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