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Where to Get Trenitalia Tickets for Your Tour of Italy

Visit Florence and see the magnificent Ponte Vecchio

If you are planning to visit Italy in 2019, then consider getting around by the train. As well as being fast, efficient and environmentally friendly, exploring Italy by train will allow you to see more. Nowadays, you can pick up Trenitalia tickets quickly and easily via the Italiarail ticket booking service. [contextly_auto_sidebar]

An Italychronicles.com partner, Italiarail can help you book train tickets to lots of destinations in Italy including Rome, Venice and Florence.

You can also get Trenitalia tickets from Italiarail to many other interesting destinations in Italy such as Naples, Turin, Genova and more.

Palazzo Madama in Turin
Palazzo Madama in Turin

After Naples, which is a day trip from Rome, you can visit Pompei and the gorgeous Amalfi coastline. Why not spend a few days on the islands of Capri and Ischia? You can escape the crowds by spending a day or two on pretty Procida?

Starting in Milan

If you are kicking off your Italy tour in Milan, then Turin is a fabulous destination for culture vultures. The city is beautiful and then there are interesting attractions like the Egyptian Museum and the cinema museum not to mention other places of interest. Here’s more about Turin.

Maybe you are planning to work your way slowly south. If so, there’s Genova, the gateway to the lovely Cinque Terre villages. Then there are picturesque seaside villages like Porto Fino and Porto Venere.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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From Genoa, the sights of Tuscany are within easy reach too. As well as that leaning tower in Pisa, there’s Lucca and, of course Florence and much more. Then it’s on to Rome, Naples and the unmissable ruins of Pompei.

Then again, why not start in Turin, head for Milan. Next you can visit Lake Como. Or you could drift towards Venice, maybe stopping off to see Lake Garda and nearby Verona. Brescia, which is on the way to Venice, is worth a visit too. You can find out more about Brescia here.

Brescia's Piazza del Mercato
Brescia’s Piazza del Mercato

After Venice, you could head down the coast to pretty Puglia with its Trulli, great seafood and lovely beaches.

Take the Train and Avoid Driving Fines

There’s so much to see in Italy! If your time is limited you will see much more traveling by train by using a rental car. And by using rail to get around, you’ll avoid Italy’s many limited traffic areas which catch out no end of drivers.

With Italiarail’s easy to use service, you can pick up Trenitalia tickets to lots of destinations all over Italy. Why not take a look at Italiarail’s website?

By the way, Italychronicles.com may earn commission on Trenitalia ticket sales.

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