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Tornado Hits Venice – July 2015

Yesterday, a sizable tornado hit an area of Venice in Italy causing extensive damage.

The event reportedly left one person dead and 30 or so others injured.

While tornados are a relatively rare occurrence in Italy, they do happen and Venice has been hit before by a destructive tornado. The last time a major tornado event happened in Venice was in June 2012.

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Here’s some amateur video footage of yesterday’s tornado. Note the hailstones too:
[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_DS7DYz4lk[/youtube]

Historic Villa Fini was reduced to rubble:

Meanwhile in the rest of Italy, the heatwave continues. Temperatures have fallen a little and storms may well erupt in and around Milan later this afternoon. The heat, though, will be back. It has already claimed a few lives and caused Italy’s government to set up a heat hotline – 1500 – which Italy’s citizens can call for anti-heat advice.

Should Milan, which is where I live, be hit by a tornado – smallish ones have spun around the city in the past – a report on the event will be added.

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