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Unconstitutional: Too Many Women in Italy’s Parliament

Italy’s parliament is debating electoral law reform but has hit a stumbling block: women. Yes, that’s right, members of the fairer sex are causing hiccups in Italy’s electoral reform process.

Female Italian MPs say Italy’s parliament, like Italy’s population, should be made up of 50% women and 50% men. However, not only is the Berlusconi run Forza Italia party unhappy with too many women ending up in Italy’s parliament, it has also complained that a parliament comprising 50% women and 50% men would be unconstitutional!

Just why sexual equality would be unconstitutional remains unclear, but Italy’s right is not known for being a fan of sex equality.

Italy has been discussing the issue of creating a parliament of 50% of each sex in its parliament for around 30 years. The discussion is continuing and no solution is yet in sight.

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UPDATE: Italy’s lower house voted on the male/female proportions issue today. Unsurprisingly, perhaps – 70% of the current parliament is male – the vote went against the proposal to create a parliament with 50% women and 50% men. Still, Italy’s parliament has more women parliamentarians than it had in around 2000. Today 30% of Italy’s members of parliament are female. Back at the start of the new millennium that figure was 10%.

Italy will have to wait a few more years for equality of the sexes to permeate its parliament.



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