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The Web 2.0 profession

Just what do you think the Web 2.0 profession is? Webmaster? Software engineer? Coder? Programmer?

Well, in my not so humble opinion, it’s none of the above, but I think that this profession is going to see a massive amount of growth in many diverse sectors over the next few decades, not just with regard to the world wide web, and it is a profession that some may find surprising.

I was going to waffle on about this for ages, but I won’t, unless someone is mad enough to encourage me, that is.

So, what is this profession? I’m sure sure are itching, well curious, to know.

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Well, the profession is that of the psychologist.

Why? Because psychology is at the heart of everything, and now, with the advent of the worldwide nature of the web, more than ever before psychologists are going to be employed to help understand why things work the way they do. They will provide advice as to how to create the most attractive audience for a particular target.

Indeed, I’m pretty sure they are already at work analysing the vast amounts of data the web is generating. And, even if we do not know it, we are seeing the fruits of their ‘covert’ work.  And these people are going to be as important as SEO specialists, IMHO.

Think about it, and feel free to disagree with me.

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