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The Vatican is Anti-Berlusconi!

Yep, it’s official, well almost. There have been quite a number of news stories about the new 21st century sins that the dear old Vatican has come up with. And here they are, the sins, that is, in no particular order, at least I don’t believe so:

  1. Environmental pollution – Change you car – or burn in Hell.
  2. Genetic manipulation – Create Chimera and be damned.
  3. Accumulating excessive wealth – Go bankrupt and head for paradise.
  4. Inflicting poverty – Make people poor and end up beneath the floor.
  5. Drug trafficking and consumption – Doing and dealing drugs is bad for your soul.
  6. Morally debatable experiments – Experiment morally, or face the heat.
  7. Violation of fundamental rights of human nature – Act like a devil and meet the Devil personally.

As you can see, sin number three, accumulating excessive wealth, appears to indicate that the Holy See does not see eye to eye with wealth accumulating Mr Berlusconi.

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The question is, what with the Italian general elections just round the corner, will the Italian people decide to vote in an excessively rich sinner in the country that is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church?

I can see the new election posters that will surely appear: ‘Don’t Vote for a Sinner’, ‘Do You Want a Sinner as a Leader?’, ‘Sin is Bad – don’t vote for Sinners’. or ‘A Sin A Day, Makes the Voters Go Away.’ ‘Rich People are Sinners, not Leaders.’ et al.

Oddly enough, the Italian media appears to have remained quite quiet about this. I wonder why….

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