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The Typical 21st Century Work Day – possibly….

While I could be wrong, I suspect that the average workday for many, especially those working with technology, may now go something like this:

09:00ish Arrive at work.

09:05ish Have a coffee/tea etc

09:10ish Switch on computer

09:15ish Check and reply to work related email

10:00 am Log in to Facebook.

01:00 pm Log out of Facebook and go to lunch.

02:00 pm Return from lunch and go for a coffee/tea with your colleagues.

02:30 pm Login to Flickr – upload a few photos you took while at lunch, comment on some other photos, reply to comments on your own photos.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

03:30 pm Log out of Flickr and go for a coffee/tea with colleagues.

04:00 pm Return to desk. Check email and reply, but only if really necessary.

04:15 pm Log in to personal blog and write a post about the heavy day you are having at work.

04:45 pm Log out of blog and into Facebook to kiss, punch, message, and play games with your ‘friends’.

05:30 pm Log out of Facebook and into bank account to pay that electricity bill that you should have set up a direct debit for years ago.

05:50 pm Log out of bank and check Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts. Reply to emails and comments left on your blog. Log into Google Analytics and Adsense.

07:00 pm Log off Google Analytics and Adsense.  Switch off your computer and go home.

Of course, throughout the day you will have been answering the phone and thinking about the job someone employed you to do!

It’s a virtual world.

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