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The Top Ten Best Pizza Places in Rome – winter 2014

Pizza in Florence

Italy is known the world over for pizza, and pizza can be found all over the world, from Kilmarnock to Kiev and from Anchorage to Andover – but nothing beats the experience of having the nation which gave the world pizza: Italy. Going for a pizza in Italy’s eternal city – Rome – just adds to the experience.

Which pizza places in Rome should you head for? Which is the best pizza restaurant in Rome? If you’ve ever wanted to know, this list is for you.

Here are 10 places where TripAdvisor pizza fans think pizza lovers should visit:

  • 1. The Best Pizza Restaurant in Rome is, drum-roll… Pinsere Roma – “Just try it”, said one fan.
  • 3. Opulentia – expect great pizza and excellent service.
Mmm pizza, please!
  • 7. Forno Campo de’ Fiori – where the pizzas may cause you to exclaim “Holy pizza, Batman”, or maybe not 😉
  • 8. La Pizzetta – a bit off the beaten tourist path, but worth it for the pizza, say its fans.
  • 10. Alice Pizza – pizza slices – ideal for quick bites while you are doing the sights.

Have you been to Rome? If so, which pizzeria did you prefer? If not, why not give the pizzerias listed above a try? Buon appetito!

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If you are thinking of visiting Rome, via Booking.com, you can find hotels, apartments or B&Bs near the pizzerias you’d like to try:

If you do try a pizza in Rome, come back and tell us how it was. Happy pizza taste testing!


List up to date Saturday, 25 January, 2014.


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