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The return of the tea bags

Oh joy! My other half wandered into the internationalish supermarket near us on Saturday and rang me up to ask me if the brand of tea bags I usually got was ‘PG tips’. I said ‘yes’ and asked why. She said that they were in stock. Wonderful, I had almost given up hope of finding my beloved bags ever again, at least without having to go traipsing around Milan, in the heat, in what could well have turned out to have been a fruitless search.

Anyway, I’m very happy. Life without good teabags can be tough. As much as I love Italian coffee, and I do, I literally thirst for the good old English cuppa, made with real tea, not with the rather weak Italian tea which is sold here. Good old Twinings do do (do, dah, dah, dah – Police song, Oh never mind – heat related brain fade) tea as I’ve mentioned before on my blog, but they are expensive and come in boxes of a paltry 25, just not enough to keep a tea drinking Englishman in the living museum happy, I can tell you.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Should you happen to be another Englishman/Englishwoman in the living museum and in search of good tea bags, let me know and maybe we can meet in a shady corner somewhere and exchange money for bags, or something like that, or maybe I could just let you know where my source is here in Milan.

Tea bag trafficking anyone?

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