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The Pope’s words – pot and kettles and blackness

Oh dear, the Pope seems to have got himself in trouble with the Muslims over a quotation he chose to use when talking about the historic relationship between Christianity and Islam.

Muslims seem to have got all hot and bothered and the press is throwing lots of coals into the fire. But why all the fuss? Having read the Pope’s words, briefly, it seems that the general point being made is that spreading faith, any faith, through violent means is not on. OK, but I’m not sure the Roman Catholic church really has the right to say this seeing as in the past it most certainly advocated violence in the name of God, though the use of violence was not openly indicated by the Bible, whereas it does seem to be with regards to Islam – however, one could argue that Mohamed did not really mean a sword in the literal sense, but he referred to the commitment with which Muslims should spread the word. Not much different from Christianity. In the centuries leading up to now those advocating Christianity have certainly not followed a bloodless path. Interestingly the Pope makes no reference to the violent means condoned by the Catholic church over the years, or have I missed something. Hence the title of this entry.

In my book blowing people up because they are not the same religion as you is the same as beating up someone because they don’t support the same football team as you. Bloody pointless.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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If the religious leaders of the world were really clever, they would find documents which stated that any and all violence against anyone would mean no road to paradise. With no exceptions. Indeed they do not even need the documents. A little bit of intelligent ‘interpretation’ would suffice. Will they do this? Nah. Why not? Not sure. Perhaps they know that humanity is intrinsically violent and that a ban on violence would be utterly ignored, leaving the different religions with lots of egg on their faces.

With hindsight, maybe the Pope should have chosen his words more carefully. Or maybe he secretly likes the idea of the good old days of the crusades all over again. They do say he is super conservative. Frightening thought.

Our little one starts nursery school next week, but we both opted for zero religious education classes, especially seeing as they focus on the Roman Catholic church. I am not against my son becoming religious, but I want him to make his own mind up, at just over three religious education is more indoctrination than education in my opinion. My son can choose whichever religion he wants or choose not to follow any religion if that’s what he wants. I just hope the religion he decides to follow is not football, that’s all. A vain hope in Italy.

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