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The Pope says sorry

Good, bit late, but at least he did apologise.  Still, it was an odd mistake for someone considered to be an ‘intellectual heavyweight‘ to make, unless all this excessive intellect has led him to become somewhat arrogant.  The worst case scenario would be that there was no mistake, but that the Pope did what he did intentionally.

Ignoring the worst case scenario, it’s still odd that the Holy Father’s apology did not include comments to the effect ‘Niether religion can claim to have had a blood-free past.  However, times have changed and the violence and bloodshed of the past in the name of religious beliefs have no place in the present.’

We all make mistakes, even the representatives of God’s, but we can only demonstrate that we have learnt from these mistakes if we first acknowledge them and then act to indicate that everything will be done to avoid similar errors in future, however difficult this may be.

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Why the Pope does not admit to or even mention the Roman Catholic church’s hazy past, I don’t know.  Maybe he thinks that it is a long way in the past and so is not relevant, a bit like the quotation he used in the recent speech which managed to infuriate Muslims so much. No?

We are all products of our past.  Society today is the sum of all past events.  Demonstrating that you are aware of this can lead to a better future, or, if you are that way inclined, can lead to all out war.  We all remember Boznia.

The Pope could do a lot to raise levels of respect for Roman Catholic church in these troubled times, especially if he were to apply all his reputed intellect.  He could, in theory and through the use of reference to events in the past, help to deflate all the tension which exists between Islam and western religions.  The Pope’s actions could really have a positive effect on the popularity of both the Catholic religion and religion in general.  So far he seems to have missed the opportunity.  Let’s hope that he manages to do better in the future.  He may even be able to restore my faith in the positive effects of religeon upon today’s society.  You never know.  Hope springs eternal.

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