The Politicians’ Favourite Cell Phone

Recently in Italy, many of the power mongers here, including a good few politicians have had their mobile phone conversations tapped by Italy’s law enforcement authorities, usually in connection with one of Italy’s many ongoing scandals.

Of course, having people listening in on telephone conversations concerning dodgy dealings can be potentially rather embarrassing. Indeed, many of the big names in Italian politics, much to their annoyance, have been recorded and subject to investigations in connection with various potentially illegal activities.

Italian politicians, who are quite an arrogant bunch, think they really should be above the law, and so have been trying to do just about everything they can to render the results of the cell phone surveillance operations inadmissible in the Italian courts.

Well, now the power brokers and dodgy deal merchants need fear no more. They can set up a few Swiss bank account swelling insider trades, and the odd protectionist take over, without having worry about the pesky attention of those bothersome law enforcement types.

Yes, an Italian (surprise, surprise) company, Caspertech (this site has an English version), has recently launched the ‘Cryptofonino‘, which is a mobile phone with software capable of encrypting telephone conversations and text messages. I’ve noticed adverts for these interesting devices on the front page of Italy’s biggest financial daily, Il Sole 24 Ore, for a few months now.

One suspects that these things have been selling like hot cakes here in Italy, and many of the clients are most probably those democratic representatives of the people, plus a few of those running various ‘enterprises’ down in the south of Italy. Not to mention just about anyone with a bulging Swiss or offshore bank account.

One of these technological jewels can be had for €999 + Italian VAT, a price, I’m sure you will agree, which is a mere drop in the ocean for someone who is likely to make the odd million or two from a few creative business deals.

Should you feel the urge to keep your cellular conversations confidential, all you will need is a GSM operator which supports CSD data services.

I’ve ordered four – one for me, one for the other half, another for the little one, and yet another for the dog. Better safe than sorry, that’s what I say.

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