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A Fenice Car for Castle Owners

Rolls Royce Ghost

If you can run to a $65 million castle in Piedmont, in Italy, then you’ll probably need a car which looks the part too.  Enter bespoke coachwork specialists, Fenice of Milan, Italy who can give your Rolls Royce Ghost a suitable makeover.

And, yes, there is such a castle for sale.  You’ll find a link to visit later on.

Prospective owners of castles in Piedmont will probably be happy to hear that Milan is not too far away from most of Piedmont, being a neighbouring region.  This means a visit to Fenice should be on their agenda.

Here’s what a standard Rolls Royce Ghost might look like, before the Fenice treatment:

Rolls Royce Ghost
A Bog Standard Rolls Royce Ghost

Dull isn’t it? Pick someone up in a dreary grey Rolls like the one above, and they’ll probably think you are a dreary grey, if somewhat well-heeled, person.

What the Rolls Royce above needs is a little Italian style pizazz and spice.  Something to make it look the part.  The kind of car to compliment your sixty five million dollar castle in Italy.

What you need is something which looks like this:

Fenice Rolls Royce Ghost
A Rolls Royce Ghost after the Fenice Treatment

Or this:

A Fenice white and gold Rolls Royce Ghost
A Fenice white and gold Rolls Royce Ghost

That’s more like it!  You’d expect to be taken to a $65 million castle in a ride like that!

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If, perhaps, all that pizazz is a little over the top for you, this sophisticated looking Ghost may well be just up your street:

A Sophisiticated Blue Rolls Royce Ghost
A Sophisticated Blue Rolls Royce Ghost

And don’t forget the interior, which is, after all, the place you spend most of your time in a car.  Well, Fenice can help the inside of your Rolls Ghost look a little more lively too.  After a few dabs of Italian styling here and there, this is what the driver will see:

Fenice Rolls Royce Ghost - Driver's View
Fenice Rolls Royce Ghost – Driver’s View

Don’t forget the passengers:

Fenice Rolls Royce Interior
Fenice Rolls Royce Interior

With one, or perhaps, two or three of these stylish Rolls Royces, plus that castle in Piedmont, you really will feel like a king or a queen.

The cost?

Who knows, but if you are shopping for castles in Italy, I very much doubt cost will be an issue.  And a Fenice Rolls would compliment that Bugatti Veyron oh so well too.

Castle shoppers who’d like to give their Rolls Royce Ghosts a glamorous face lift can reach the company via its web site (- the website no longer exists, alas – June 2016)

By the way, the company can also make Ferraris and Fiat 500s look miles more interesting too.

The castle?  It’s here: $65 million Castle for sale in Piedmont, Italy

Dull grey Rolls Ghost photograph by Thesupermat

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