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The Best Golfing in Tuscany

The Montecatini golf course in Tuscany

Luxury golf breaks are not as hard to come by as they once were – the best golf holidays Europe has to offer are of a particular accessibility and affordability that any keen golfer can go and improve their handicap.

One country of particular note in the golfing world is Italy and specifically Tuscany.  There are not many places that can boast the scenery surrounding golf courses in Italy’s beautiful Tuscan region.

We take a look at some of the best Tuscan golf courses here:

Logos Hotel

The Logos 4 Star Golf Hotel in Tuscany
The Logos 4 Star Golf Hotel in Tuscany

The Logos is a 4 star hotel with a golf course to match, available through Bill Goff.  It is perfectly quiet and relaxed with beautiful weather and well-kept links – the perfect place to come and play a round of golf.  Located just up the western coast from Pisa, holidaying in this resort will make sure you fly home a better golfer.

Una Poggio Dei Medici

Keep Your Eye on the Ball, not the Scenery!
Keep Your Eye on the Ball, not the Scenery!
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Stop reading, start speaking

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Close to the beautiful city of Florence, this resort is truly something else.  The mountainous scenery will blow you away – it might even put you off your game it’s that striking.

Most of the rooms in the hotel have views overlooking the golf course, so you’ll even be able to study other golfers’ games when you’re not playing yourself.

Montecatini Golf

The Montecatini golf course in Tuscany
The Montecatini golf course in Tuscany

Montecatini is an attractive golf course that should not be left off your list.  The Tuscan countryside is, indeed, moreish enough to encourage keen golfers to embark on a golf tour of the region and the Montecatini course should be on that itinerary.  It is a relatively new course, having been built in 1985, but it is undoubtedly one of the best public golf courses out there.

Image sources: 1 – Logos Hotel, 2 -Una Poggio Dei Medici , 3 Montecatini Golf

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